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Kakao Personalized Advertising refers to text, image, or video ads displayed on KakaoTalk Channel Message Ads, Kakao services, and Kakao-affiliated display networks.

Kakao Personalized Advertising predicts sex, age, region, and matter of interest, based on demographic features, curbs unnecessary impressions by analyzing common properties, and provides users with useful ads. Kakao Personalized Advertising is composed of 'Behavioral Advertising' and 'Membership Information Based Advertising.'

Membership Information Based Advertising provides personalized ads by utilizing information entered by a user based on the user's KakaoAccount Membership Number and personalized information collected while the user uses the service, including the history of service use, purchase, and payment.

Kakao values user information.

Kakao never collects or creates sensitive information that may clearly infringe on a user's rights, interests, or privacy, without the user's consent. Kakao uses a user's personal information only within the scope of the user's consent and never provides any third parties with the personal information without the user's consent. Besides, when collecting personal information of a child under 14, Kakao must acquire the consent of his/her legal representative.

View details of personal information collected or provided to third parties

How to set membership information based personalized advertising

Users can block the receipt of membership information based personalized advertising at any time. Even with Personalized Advertising blocked, you will still see ads, but their relevance to you may be minor. Log in with Kakao Account to check or update settings for ads customized for you.

Log in and check/update settings
Turn on/off Personalized Adverting

Remedy for Damage

For inquires, complaints, or other matters related to personalized advertising, please contact our KakaoMoment Customer Service, and we will do our best to provide a prompt and sufficient answer.

KakaoMoment Customer Service

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